In the upstairs of Aşiyan Museum, there is Tevfik Fikret's bathroom, study and bedroom.
At the end of stairs the bathroom is entered from the corridor. Its bathtub, sink and armature are still authentic.
When you enter the study from the door next to the bathroom, on your left you can see the library of Tevfik Fikret. There are books, magazines and many publications from his time on the shelves leaned on walls at both sides. The charcoal drawing on the right wall is his self-portrait which he painted by looking in the mirror in his last years. Later he wrote on it "we laugh at our state whereas we should cry." On the left there is another one of his sketches on the easel.



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 The study at the beginning of the 20th century
 The study now


The door opening to the bridge which connects to the garden is also in this room. When Tevfik Fikret taught at Robert College, he used to use this way and his poem about walking to and from college titled "İzler" (Traces) in fact reminds this way.



Yürüdüm biraz güç, biraz bihuzur
Dikenlik, çetin, taşlı bir sahadan;
Önüm bir yokuş, hep çakıl, hep diken;
Yürüdüm fakat ben muannit, sabur
Basardım geçip birtakım izlere
Eğildim, biraz dikkat ettim yere
Bu izler benim,hep benim izlerimdi
                                                       Tevfik Fikret


Aşiyan at the beginning of the 20th century
“Güller” (Roses) oil painting, Tevfik Fikret


The artist's desk with his writing set on it, chair, calligraphy plaques are exhibited at the side of the study which faces the Bosphorus.


Study at the beginning of the 20th century
Study now


Tevfik Fikret’s writing set