Edebiyat-ı Cedide (New Literature) Section

With Tanzimât Fermânı (Imperial Edict of Reorganization) proclaimed in 1839 came an innovation movement and western-style literary works. In the first period of Tanzimat literature, Namık Kemal, Şinasi, Ziya Paşa; in the second period, Abdülhak Hamit Tarhan and Recaizade Mahmut Ekrem played key roles. The literature witnessed a period of inertia until 1896 when Recaizade Mahmut Ekrem introduced Ahmet İhsan, owner of Servet-i Fünun ("The Wealth of Knowledge") journal to Tevfik Fikret. Upon their meeting, Tevfik Fikret became the editor of Servet-i Fünun and the literature gained momentum. In this period, called "Edebiyat-ı Cedide"  a lot of western style works appeared. This community mainly influenced by French parnasism did not dwell much on political issues because of the oppresive regime and generally gave topics like love, nature, family life and everyday life more priority. Coherence in terms of subject matter was accomplished in poetry and some innovations were introduced like the idea that rhyme is for the ear or forms of sonnet and terza rima. In novel writing, descriptions are observational and objective. Its novel technique was unique. Generally plots were situated in Istanbul and its surroundings where writers lived.
Main representatives of Edebiyat-ı Cedide movement are Tevfik Fikret, Halit Ziya, Cenab Şahabettin, Mehmet Rauf, Hüseyin Cahit, Hüseyin Siyret, Hüseyin Suad, Ali Ekrem, Süleyman Nazif, Süleyman Nesib, Faik Ali, Celal Sahir…
Edebiyat-ı Cedide movement developed with Servet-i Fünun journal until 1901; however, when Abdulhamid II found "Hukuk ve Edebiyat" article (Law and Literature) translated from French by Hüseyin Cahit Yalçın provocative, Servet-i Fünun Journal was shut down and as a result Edebiyat-ı Cedide movement ended.
After the movement ended, Fikret hosted his friends from literary circle in Aşiyan. This room, used as a resting room by Tevfik Fikret, is reserved for Fikret's friends from literary circles. In the room apart from Tevfik Fikret's photos with them, oil painting of his literature teacher in Galatasaray High school, Recaizade Mahmut Ekrem painted by the last Caliph Abdülmecid II is also exhibited.