The Room of Poet Nigar

LADY NİGAR THE POET (1856-1918 )


Daughter of Osman Pasha (Turkish origin), Lady Nigar was born in Istanbul in 1856. She went to French Boarding School in Kadıköy and took private classes of Arabic, Persian, German and Greek. With her interest in music, her waterfront house in Rumelian Castle and house in Şişli had become the rendezvous point of prominent writers and artists. Lady Nigar passed away in 1918 of her typhus fever.
She stepped in poetry in very young age. In the beginning, she was influenced by Abdülhak Hamit and Recaizade Ekrem, then she was influenced by Tevfik Fikret and Cenap Şahabeddin. Among Turkish Women Poets, she was the most prolific and eloquent in the second half of XIV. century.
Poetry work: Efsûs I (1877), Efsûs II (1891), Nîram (1896), Aks-i Seda (1900), Elhan-i Vatan (1916), Safahat-i Kalb (1901)

The belongings, library and archive of Lady Nigar the Poet in the basement floor of Aşiyan Museum were donated to our museum in 1959 by his son, Salih Keramet Nigar.